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A strange occurrence...



Sorry it's been a few days since I've updated my blog. Unfortunately, I've been under the weather and busy (NOT a good combination) and haven't had a second to sit down and give you a proper update on my skin. So seeing as it's a quiet Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling much better, here we go.

I've had a rather strange occurrence take place on my face this past week. You know how I've been using ice and BP to nip pimples in the bud before they have a chance to become a raging, full-on breakout? Weeell, it seems that while I have done just that, once I've stopped the little boogers progress, they don't want to go away. Let me explain. I had a zit-to-be on both my left cheekbone and the front of my right cheek. I immediately attacked both of them and was pleased when after a few days they did not get any bigger or turn into whiteheads. HOWEVER, they haven't exactly disappeared either. Instead, they've stayed as slightly raised, slightly red marks on my face. It's like they're stuck in pimple purgatory. They are not full-fledged zits, but they're not just post-acne marks either. And now I'm not sure how to get rid of them! I think there may still be some infection in there since they aren't completely flat. But I don't know how to get the infection out if they don't develop a head. Aargh! So now I'm playing the waiting game and treating them with BP twice a day and hoping they'll take a hint and vanish...

In the meantime, my old marks are continuing to fade. My progress may be due more to time passing than the BP but, regardless, they're looking better. I haven't purchased a new mask as of yet, but will most likely buy the Origins mask as it's the only one that seems to be worth buying. I did a little research on masks for acne-prone skin and most of the suggestions are for home remedies instead of store-bought masks. I applied a water and baking soda mask the other night in lieu of my Booth's mask and while it didn't have any miraculous results it did make my skin incredibly soft. I think I might alternate between the two this next week and see what kind of effect it has.

I really want something that can help with controlling my oil production, though. It doesn't necessarily have to be a mask, just something. I've tried oil blotting sheets, powders, primers, etc. I even bought OC Eight with dismal results. The truth is, I have insanely oily skin and even right now my nose is shining to beat the band. Rudolph's got nothing on this guy, let me tell you. And this is without makeup on! Makeup just seems to put my oil glands into overdrive. Origins makes a tonic for oily skin called Oil Refiner that looks promising...but I think I'm going to have to wait on my tax refund before I invest in any new products. :D

This is random, but I was bumming around YouTube wasting time and I picked up a couple tips on how to maintain clear skin. It wasn't really anything I didn't already know, but I was inspired by this YouTuber's shining example to stop being lazy and put some of her suggestions into practice. One is to drink more water and two is to drink a cup of green tea each day. Both help to flush your body of toxins and green tea has the added benefits of anti-oxidants and increasing your metabolism. So I'm going to try and incorporate both of those things into my diet this next week...wish me luck!



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