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Week Five: Day Thirty-three



Yup. Still sick. I also finally got a hold of someone to give me the math assignments, they're going to call me back later. I never knew how much I needed my voice until I tried to talk on the phone. I hope I don't seem rude cutting it so short all the time buuut I can't talk well :D

Also I've been debating whether to do jumping in track or distance,...I love the people who do distance including the coach but jumping is more appealing for me to compete in because it doesn't involve racing. I've never liked racing,..especially in front of other people. Which is weird considering I joined track >.< Anyhow I'm getting new shoes soon hopefully if I'm ever well again. (two more days and I would of been ill for a full week. Thats a first)

And my face continues to improve, the moisturizer stings a bit for some reason, I think its because I've been lazy putting it on while I was sick so I have to get re-used to it. I'm noticing some dark pinholes in my skin, the first scars. I still have the dark marks from left over acne and three or four healing zits but otherwise I am clear on my face. My forehead looks great except for like one dark mark above my right eyebrow,..annoying >.< Then my nose is clear as is my mustache area, then you get to my cheeks and its like BAM! ACNE! Even though its relatively flat. I'll stick with the Regimen though and keep posting until the end of month three. If I still have dark marks and breakouts then I'll have an excuse to be depressed. Oh, and that stupid zit behind my ear is finally going away :D


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