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Day 24 also known as Valentine's Day

Karen L.


- Accutane day 24 on 20 mg.

- NO NEW ACNE, wait maybe :D I'm feeling a little bump under my skin.

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Yesterday went out to see my friends and had the best time in weeks. Didn't realize I was missing so much of the 'real world' until I saw them again. They all had brilliant stories and updates about what they'd been doing, and I was noticeably quiet. Didn't matter though I was enjoying the gossip. However, I didn't have the guts to tell them about me being on accutane.... Do all of you tell your friends? Or am I the only one who wants to keep it a secret? And being maybe foolish?

My skin is looking great, no new acne so far. In a few days I will get my period, I’m quite nervous about that. Normally I would get some more and painful acne on those days. I do feel a little bump under my skin, hope it stays there and fades away.

Does anyone still get acne around their period (hope I'm not asking too embarrassing questions) while being on accutane?

So, tonight I'm going to see my best friend again :D yeay. I don't see her that much cause she lives about an hour away. Can't wait to see her, we are going to celebrate carnaval. I'm going to drink, that's what carnaval is for. I have been drinking some wine occasionally with my supper, hadn't bothered me. Yet I'm going to have two drinks and that's it, hopefully...

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love Karen

PS I forgot to put purol (sort of Vaseline but better) on my lips yesterday before going to bed. I’m being punished for that today... I won’t be forgetting that anymore.


hey!!!!!even I haven't told my friends about me being on accutane as they cannot understand all this probably all of them have almost clear skins *ARRGGGGHHHHHH*I hope you wont get any more pimples now although i have got two pimples yesterday n so m hating them =(Its so hard to wait for your skin to get clear but we all are hanging in there u'll be fineLove,Saher

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Oh I'm right there with you, I totally breakout more on my period. Like bad. About a week - week and half before I start my face just explodes with bright red bumps. It takes a good week for them to calm down. I had my hormonal breakout right before I started accutane, so I'm wondering how it's going to be on my next cycle. Has it been smaller than usual for you while you're on treatment? My doctor told me not to worry too much about drinking as long as its not excessive and I get wasted. And to make sure I exercise the days after I drink to purge my system and lots of water for my kidneys. You'll be fine. How was carnival? <3 Michelle

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I'm not breaking out at all!!!! :- I got my period a day ago and still nothing! Normally I also breakout just before I get my period, didn't happen. Hopefully when you get yours, you won't breakout either. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Carnaval was great, thank you. I only wanted to drink 2 drinks, however it ended up to be 4. I had a headache the day after, which I normally never have. Drank a lot of water and ate healthy. Carnaval in the Netherlands isn't as it is in other countries, we dress up in the most absurd outfits (I was tinkerbell form peter pan) and dance to very bad dutch music and of course drink and everybody is so very kind on carnaval. Xo Karen

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