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Day 42



Six weeks on the regimen!

That sounds like a lot ... This week my skin has really improved! Althought many people still think it looks bad, I can see a difference. The spots are still there, but they don't seem to be active anymore. So the only problem left is to make them dissapear. I just hope that I won't break out AGAIN, 'cause then I can start this whole process all over again.

I really tried to don't pick at my skin and let the BP do all the work. I think that helped a lot! Thought the bad-spots on my cheeks are still problematic. They start opening and bleeding only when I look at it. Even when I'm very gentle with washing my face. Don't know if that's good or bad. I think it could be good because all the bacteria will come out, but I think the bad thing is that my skin is very weak and just burst open all the time. But right now it looks a bit better, so I hope my skin will get stronger. And I hope the scars won't be so bad ... but that's a point for later.

My skin is very dry again and I have a lot of flakes. This morning I put the BP only on the spots, just to let my skin recover again. And I can't stand to be covered in flakes on valentines day :D