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hiding acne scars, part 2 :)



sooo, since so many people have problems with there acne scars, i thought most of my postings should now be more targeted towards acne-coverage.

like i said in my other post, everyones skin is different, so your scars, might be better, or worse then some other peoples. they may also not be 'scars' but very annoying red marks, that wont seem to go away.

most people on this site, and myself personally, have had a doctor tell them the marks would go away, for me its been nine months & this still hasnt happened, so regardless of weather it happens or not, people (mostly girls) feel very insecure about there scars.

the best way to cover these scars is through makeup, which i myself do.

i found some videos on the internet, which personally helped me with covering my acne.

youtube is a very good place to get lots of videos! - but you should know, everyones skin is different & you never know what will work for you, untill you try.

but you should never give up.

good luck, everyone! :D