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Week Five: Day Thirty-Two (Month 2)



My throat is damaged from how much I've been coughing. I was out of school Tuesday. Its Saturday and now I'm on antibiotics and a prescribed cough syrup. I still have to cough sometimes though and it hurts like heck. I lost my voice too. Plus even if I'm healed by next week, I'll have only two or three days to run and then I go to allstate. After I get back from allstate track starts. I need to get a physical before then too. Stupid >.< I know I'll be able to get back in shape pretty fast and it won't hurt very bad because I'm getting amazing running shoes soon, but I'm a little iffy about which event I want to do. If I do distance thats great but it'll be way more intense then pre-season so I'm not sure, if I do jumps I'll be in better shape than I was last year but I don't really like the coach because of her low favor of newbies. The concern for my skin and track is that its REALLY easy to get a sunburn, and I don't have any noncomogenic sunscreen. Last year my nose burnt so bad it oozed clear fluid if I poked it, and I have a scar from that. Plus I'm going to start using AHA+ right before I get unusual amounts of exposure to sun. Timing always has to suck like that.

But despite my continued sickness I managed to do about half of a math assignment and read slowly and carefully two or three full scenes of Macbeth for english (which I find an accomplishment, shakesphere escapes me often) I need to do a couple of worksheets for spanish and get the math assignments from someone. Thankfully homework is pretty easy to catch up on, if I'm familiar with it I can do it in bed, if not then I just come back here and look it up on the computer. Some people would argue that hotmath.com doesn't teach because students just copy, but if I don't know how to do the problem and do it wrong, that doesn't help much either, now does it?


Wow,..I started on the thirteenth,..thats great for my superstitions XDDD