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13.02.2010 Day 10



So... so far I have some new pustules(the one's with the yellow heads...), my skin is not red or irritated.

Usually I get upset when I see new breakouts on my skin, but now I take that with moderation. Also I have noticed that my skin peels around my eyes and my nose(yea... finally some progress!) and my lips are dry.

I have a super good mood since the day I started with Accutane. Maybe it affects me psychologicaly, that I prepare myself for good results in the end... but I feel so Good! so cheered up! I almost can't believe it! :D

Oh, I almost forgot to tell, I already feel some muscle pain. I went yesterday to watch my little cousin, he is 1 years old, and I lifted him a lot in my arms. So now, a day afterwars, I feel the pain...

I don't want to fall apart like an old car, I just want to go through the treatment and be healthy and happy again. :D