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The Beauty of Optimism



Again I am in an interim. Yesterday was day 60 and hopefully tomorrow will be day 61 when I get my prescription!

I was going to start this post off on a negative note about how frustrated I am with ipledge and doctors, but then I read some negative blogs and I decided I wanted to be positive :D :D :D

So i'll focus on the good things:

Perfect Blood Tests again

Another month of 40 mg...they wanted to boost me, but I expressed my concerns about hair thinning etc so they decided to keep me where I am.


oh so yaz is making my boobs grow haha. I'm still an A-cup, but they are def growing, but super sore! I'm really not that into my body, but ya know, they haven't grown since 8th grade and I'm now a college sophomore so its kinda a big deal!

Anyway, skin is stable...hair is thin but manageable, and hopefully I'll get my prescription tomorrow!

clear skin to all and to all a good night!


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lol can u post pics soon?btw how the hell ru making ur boobs grow? damn girl u should be happy with having small boobs mine r like a size of 80 C IT SUCKS i cant run like other girls and all my tops need bigger sizes just bcuz of my boobs. BIG BOOBS SUCK i wish we could switch:P

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haha, to tell the truth I am glad that I'm small...but sometimes I wish I had a little more. I'm not sure what the best way to post pics is. I see a lot of people post them on sites, not sure how that works.Any suggestions?

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