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day 17



Be careful what you wish for.

The skin on my hands, face and lips are so dry, I am in at least a considerable amount of pain here. The rash on my hands is getting pretty intense. Besides being hideous, it's quite painful. My lips are still bearable at the moment, though I have to apply chapstick every 5 minutes to stay comfortable, at least they don't hurt and aren't cracked. The skin on my face is IMPOSSIBLE. I could apply an entire jar of lotion and the dry skin will not go away. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm going through the breakout phase I suppose since my face looks terrible, and it looks even worse with as dry as my skin is. Because the makeup looks like crap. I feel like I need to exfoliate the dead skin off my face but I'm afraid to irritate it even more because it already hurts. So, if I could just crawl under a rock until this whole thing is over with, that would be great.

Night y'all.