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60 days into accutane



I had my derm appointment this morning. He said my blood test turned out just fine i was worried because all the drinking i had last week!

he also said my acne looks better and i shouldnt break out anymore this month. He said if im clear by the end of march then we'll stop and i can livvvvvvvvee

and as for the red marks he said they'll fade with time and he also said that i don't have any scars.

But i still don't feel fine and i the red marks r giving the impression of acne so i'm still ashamed of my skin and the acne that's left i really want to see results this month this has got to end sometime! and the emu oil which supposedly helps in reducing the red marks, seems to break me out even more so JE NE SAIS PAS! life sucks!

let's see! a demain!

P.S: my eczema that i previously mentioned has gone now!:D normal hands again! pheww!