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Feeling in Control!



Today was actually pretty cool. For those who can't tell by my username, I really want to go into music when I get older. It's something I consider as my passion. The way I feel about it can't be described.

Anyway, I digress. Today in Choir, an ACTUAL LOCAL SINGER CAME TO SPEAK TO US!!!! :D It was so cool! She's a local opera singer, and she talked to us about all the stuff she had to do in order to become a singer and she sang for us. It was muy bonita. :D

Also, I've been working concessions for our schools play. It's a lot of fun. :D Nothing really acne-wise, except one of my older friends has noticed my cheekbones getting lighter. This is the irritating period where nothing is really supposed to happen. >.<

Love you all! :D Hope you're weekend is Wunderbar!