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Day 22 Socializing

Karen L.


- Accutane day 22 on 20 mg.


- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Ready to socialize again. This week I had my exams and didn't leave the house, pretty much stayed home all week to study. The week before I had my massive IB and also stayed in as much as I could. However this weekend I really want to get out of the house and be social again. Planning to see my friends again, don't know what to tell them; they have been concerned about not seeing me. I don't feel like telling them, how do you tell people you love, you didn't want them to see you because you felt 'not yourself’?

No one knows I've been on accutane, besides my mother, sister and boyfriend (not even my father, he would get pretty upset). I've found my support by visiting this site, reading other blogs and putting my own feelings and frustrations on my blog. I'm excited to see my friends but frightened to tell them.... I'll see how things go tomorrow.

Update on my face; Looking pretty good if I may say so myself. Six months ago my face looked very good, by eating and drinking healthy. I had a few pimples now and then and some red marks from previous acne. I used light make up coverage, yet I wanted to visit a derm, my acne began when I was about 12 and just wanted perfect skin. She prescribed me with Minocycline (an antibiotic). While being on it my skin looked gorgeous, I haven't felt that confident in a very long time. However when I stopped the antibiotic my face had gotten worse than it has ever been. I was so upset I ever began the antibiotic. My derm then suggested accutane; I was very hesitant because she had given me the antibiotic which caused my skin to get worse.

So, that's pretty much my 'acne history'. Now my face looks good yet in the back of my mind I'm frightened that when I stop it will get even worse. I'm not really a fan of my derm (trust issues), she's the only one specialized and if I go to another derm, my insurance won't pay for it. So I just have to suck it up. I've read a few blogs of people that are already done with their accutane course and it sounds promising, so it might happen to me too (and you!).

Enjoy your weekend.

XO karen


Hope you Aced your exams! Good to hear you're gonna go out with friends, it can be so isolating hiding behind our skin. Congrats on no new acne! :- -Michelle

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I hope so too, I've been in the house for more than a week studying (and avoiding people) so I just have to get good grades. I've had a great time with my friends missed them so very much. Thanks for your lovely post. Good luck to you. X Karen

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