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Week Five: Day Thirty-one



Lol. I coughed so much I gave myself partial laryngitis. Trying to sing is probably my main source of entertainment at this point. So I might also be getting bronchitis, but I'm waay better then I was before, fever and fainting spell wise. I'm going to start doing my homework today so I can get it all out of the way. First step is to get all the assignments XDD Since I can't really talk I have to text everyone,.I hope I don't go over this month ^.^;;

I got a new zit right under the right flap of my nose, a small whitehead. I think its from blowing my nose. It seems like my zits don't take two weeks to appear but rather come on quickly, I'm hoping so. I massaged my face with jojoba oil a couple times to reduce flaking, I'm hoping that wasn't too irritating and waiting two weeks to find out is just like FAOIWEAOI.

Also I used to find moisturizing sort of a chore, but now I actually like watching how much my skin benefits from it. Its still real shiny but,..its totally worth it.


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