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Day 5



So I woke up today with only one whitehead and my face was actually less red-I think it was because I scrubbed my face with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser like some people said we should do-against our derm's wishes of course!

Well the dryness is definitely starting to kick in-my lips are getting chapped and dry, but I'm using the aquaphor to combat that.

My face is alot dryer than usual too, so I'm going to have to start moisturizing at night. I was self-conscious at class today cause I thought everyone was looking at my dry skin..but it wasn;t terrible so I was just being paranoid.

I got like 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night..I seriously didn't fall asleep until 5 ish. It was terrible, and I couldn't do anything to combat it. Oiy nerves suck!

Anywho, this day marks a milestone-I'm not going out with my friends to drink, quite a sad day indeed..oh well maybe I'll do homework..probs not.