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Week Five: Day Thirty



Nice, the big 3-0! Well I'm definately noticing improvement. I only have about two zits that protrude the skin now, the rest are flat marks that are rarely inflamed. I bet those'll improve too with time, so I'll keep going until my skin is clear of marks too. I don't think they're scars. I'm pretty sure scars are indents in the skin, not just discolorations, right? If they are discolorations then I'm glad I didn't take Accutane because that would of been HECKA disappointing. Also I'm almost healthy again. My throat is sort of sore from coughing so much, but my coughing so much I've kept the phlegm out of my lungs so I can avoid bronchitis. (See I chugged a friend of mine's shake because I thought they were done ((misunderstanding, they did said they were done but they meant they were going to have some later)) and she had bronchitis.) Sometimes I'm so obsessive with sweets its instances like that which make me realize I must exercise control. If I hadn't of done that I could of avoided like 500 calories and I probably wouldn't of had my worst flu spell yet. But now its been reduced to the common cold. The medicine keeps the fever down and its just a bit of mucus. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to catch up to life this four day weekend, clean my room, do three days of english, math, spanish 2, running, practicing trumpet, etc. Maaaan.