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Day 60 Ups and Downs



Well I finished month 2 today and go back to the derm tomorrow! I had my blood test this morning, so I'm praying that everything is good again!!!

So where to start...I have just been tired and down in the dumps the past week. I'm feeling so much better today though--and it was sunny!

Sunshine in Rochester NY is something that should make any person, vitamin D deficient or not, smile.

I've had a few new breakouts and my scarring looks terrible. I know I know in my last thoroughly optimistic post I said I was 95% clear...well I meant actives, and I have more now. My face is still about 80% scars.

It seems like everyone says the 3rd month shows the most results so I'm holding out.

Right now I am SOOOO concerned about my hair. It has gotten so thin and dry and brittle...I have such fine thin hair anyway, I can't really afford to lose any! I honestly can't let myself stop accutane now though--I've come to far, been through too much, and haven't yet grasped the results that will make it all worth while!

Anyway, I'll let you know the prognosis tomorrow! Say a little prayer for me


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