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Day three



So I woke up this morning..not feeling like p-diddy, sadly. But my skin was less "nice" as other people have put it. I had a new whitehead, which I haven't had in about 3 weeks. I also was breaking out a little on my chin, and have some bumps on my forehead that are new. So I'm quessing that's the Accutane working.

I took the pill at dinner again, and I feel fine, besides the usual tiredness following an epic snow day, woot!

I am a little upset today about not being able to drink..its like every show/movie I watch they're drinking beer-sad, sad thing.

Soo..I do see some changes-like the initial breakout everyone talks about, but I'm glad it will all be over in a couple months. I'm excited!

Also, James Blunt rules-don't care if you disagree.

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