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Week Five: Day Twenty-Nine



WOOHOO! Almost a full month since I started using the Regimen! So I was able to walk without fainting today and I went to the doctor. Since I'm under eighteen I still got to go to my doctor I've had since I moved here. (haven't seen him in three years, I'm usually pretty healthy like that o.o) I do not have stripped throat, its just a flu virus or something :(. I was real good about staying in bed so I broke through the worst of the fever. Anyway I have to miss about two and a half days of school, no running, and then it happens to be a four-day weekend! :( So I have all that time to heal and catch up before tuesday ^.^ Then I go to allstate either wednesday ,thursday, or friday! I'm real happy this virus hit me this week versus a different week, I was stressed out with school adn I kind of needed a reality check to remind me to relax and enjoy my health. I know I'll be fine, if I can heal today and tomorrow then have four days to catch up and clean the house and practice my trumpet for allstate.

As for my skin there are only three or so acne bumps that appear to bulge out of the skin, the rest are either scars or flat red and black marks. Progress picture time!


As you can see I have some of the spots that look like acne but are smooth and ANNOOYIINNGGG

But I am getting clear.

I'll also be ordering some AHA+ before March hopefully.

Oh yeah and this picture was without the moisturizer on.