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Day 38



Okay, I should stay positive about it. Or else I might just as well stop the BP.

I was absolutely frustrated yesterday. I just didn't know what to do anymore. The cyst-area changed into a large wound. So many people told me I looked bad. At that moment I really wanted to just stay in bed all day. But that never proved to get rid of your problems, so I guess that's not a great idea.

I had a steam tablet from Lush with Tea-Tree and it said to be good for irritated skin, so I decided to try it. I maked sure that the steam wasn't too hot. I think it helped a little bit. The wound is healing, but there are still a lot of zits which have come up this week. Hope they will be gone again and don't come back.

And I should STOP eating chocolate. Althought it hasn't been proven, I'm very sure that it's not good for my skin. All the rest of my goals are going very well: sporting, no pizza's, no coffee, ...

We'll see. I'm still frustrated but I have a little bit of hope again.