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When Ithink my skin can't get any better..



2 months and 5 days on spiro, and my skin is near perfectly clear. A few clogged pores, but no pimples!!!! I am so happy... I have pictures of before but I'm too ashamed to show them. I always had a few on my chin, a few on my cheeks, ugh! This was only a few months ago, and now for a few weeks it's been gorgeous. I am beyond happy and my confidence has doubled. If you are thinking about spiro, try it. I feel so happy I did. I wasn't going to even do it because I was scared of the initial breakout, but while my skin was pretty crappy the first three weeks of taking it, voila, big improvements. I've been looking up spiro for three years and only now just have taken it, which I regret a great deal...But wow, try spiro. I'm incredibly thrilled at my results.