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yea so.. anyways ^-^;;



heh heh.. srry this is so short, BUUUUT im a bit tired and i don't really want to stay here that long. O-O

ok so some weeks ago i said i would try to add sunscreen to my moisturizer and see how it went.... well first time i did. I used too much, so the second and third times i used a bit less.. however... it didn't matter how much i used ( still have not actually tried almost none yet but not gana now -) it still made my skin oilt and clogged my pores and made me break out... B|

should have know...

but it says hypo allergenic AND it wouldn't clog pores.. yet that's what it did. =_= so maybe it was the combo of my moisturizer and my sunscreen? or just the sunscreen. most likely the second of the two.

THUS i shall not use that again... unless it's all i use on my face with out the moisturizer... soo h'ok now im gana go. O-O i'll try to update this later

so um yea... anyways... Ta !

~ Tanishia <3 chu


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