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Day 1



Hello all!!

Today I have started a new regimen, one that I hope will show a real improvement in my skin. As of right now I have 5-6 active zits (along with existing acne scars) on my chin and forehead, an oily T-zone, and a bit of rosacea on my cheeks. My previous regimens since my first breakout (middle school) have included benzoyl cream, salicylic acid gels and washes, whitening toothpaste, and washing my face ALOT! Now I wash my face gently just twice a day with Purpose face wash, and apply Vaseline lotion as a moisturizer.I have also been usig Bare Minerals foundation *SPF 15 to cover my scars and zits.

Recently I bought Stridex Power Pads, so I started implementing them into my regimen. I cut the square pad into four little squares and will use one mini square twice a day, at morning and at night 10 minutes after I wash and dry my face. I will also apply a thin layer of lotion once the BP dries, and then use my foundation. I have also eliminated milk, cheese, and yogurt from my diet. I still eat sugary stuff so if my acne does not get better after two months or so, I willl try eliminating this as well and see what happens.

I am so optimistic of this new regimen! I hope it will make my skin look and feel a lot better!

Till next time

hope, love, giggles


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