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Day 5 - Stable, no side effects yet



My face is still pretty stable, I'm continuing to get about the same amount of papules/pustules each day that I did pre-accutane. No more, no less. I have been noticing that they are drying up quicker though and partly sloughing off. I just want them to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The skin on my face is pretty dry, but we're in the dead of winter here and it's no more than expected. So far, I'm not really having any definite side effects at all. Though, now that I say that, I'm sure I'll wake up with beet red botox lips in the morning.

One thing that's kinda funny is that I've been having some vivid dreams the past few nights and actually remembering them. This is weird for me since I never ever remember my dreams. The other night, I dreamt my got ultra obese and I got scolded by the vet!

Today wasn't the best day. I was feeling a little down and out about my face. I see patients all day for my placeament for school and I always feel like people are judging me, even though they probably aren't.

Therefore, I went shopping and dropped $200 bucks on clothes for my trip this weekend! And I'm now enjoying a glass of red wine (it's tiny, I know I gotta lay off the sauce) and watching the biggest loser on tv to feel better about myself!

I'm hoping my face will improve a little bit for my trip, but I'm not holding my breath. As long as it doesn't get worse this weekend though, I'll be happy. If I get an initial breakout, it can rear it's ugly head next week when I'm back to the daily grind.

On one last random note, I don't think I'm very good at blogging but I find it mildly therapeutic so I think I'll keep doing it. I can rant to my computer and spare my boyfriend.

Over and out. :(

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Hope that your skin will show at least a slight improvement for your trip! and have fun, by the way! don't forget!I know what you mean when you feel that people are judging you... I feel the same, especially when I have to do presentations at the university and I can almost die of shame :- Don't feel so down, you are NOT alone in this process!

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