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Day 19

Karen L.


- Accutane day 19 on 20 mg.

- No new acne, 3 cysts from a couple of days ago. .

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Every morning when I wake up, I lay in bed hoping that when I take a look in the mirror my face miraculously is acne free. It takes me ages to get out of bed and actually wash my face in the morning, because I'm too frightful of what I might see .

This morning when washing my face I noticed that my skin is very very smooth on my cheeks and forehead, these are places where I never break out. My chin and nose are still quite bumpy apart from the three cysts but I guess from clogged pores. The three cysts from a few days ago don't hurt anymore and shrunk to half their sizes overnight.

Well, a few days ago I posted in my blog about the differin gel which was concerning me, it made my skin dry out even more, causing red burning patches on my face. I stopped on my 17th day and I'm feeling a lot better now. Still have a very red looking neck where I put the differin so I called my derm's office today just to let her know I stopped taking it and I wanted to speak to her as my next appointment won't be due until the 3rd of march, I’m frightened the redness won’t heal. I got her assistant, what an annoying person!! I forgot how bad customer service is here in the Netherlands. It's absolutely horrifying how people treat you even though you are the customer and you are in need of some advice.

Last December I was in New York, and I was absolutely blown away by how great the customer service is. Everybody is so friendly and taking the time to assist you properly! Here when you have an issue, they say it's your problem and just deal with it. Anyway my derm's assistant was talking to me as if I was wasting her precious time with my unimportant question and how dare I even ask to talk to my derm (who is a md she said which doesn’t have time to talk to me). After complaining to her and asking her for advice she finally gave in and told me I would be called back on Thursday by an INTERN, great can't wait :(

Love karen

Ps used the vichy foundation today, and no irritation whatsoever.


Thanks for the words of encouragement! And a comment on one of your earlier entries, there is no way your boyfriend would think you were ugly. Put those thoughts out of your head lady! You are a beautiful woman who just happens to have acne. I used to and still sometimes do think like that, but you just can't let those thoughts take control. You're taking control of your skin now. Sounds like accutane is smoothing things out and you're having progress. And for the cosmetics...The vichy is good stuff, I use their moisturizer at night during the winter and when I visit my mom in the desert. Never makes my skin worse - at least I don't notice any difference. Also, I've found that Kiehls tinted moisturizer helps as a light foundation to cover my red marks left behind and then concealer for my cysts and active blemishes. good luck! and keep your head up!<3 Michelle

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Thanks for the kind words!! I know my boyfriend doesn't think so, it's just he's so into my accutane... Looking at my face when I have no make-up on making me feel so insecure, he means well, i know. Today he told me my face was looking very good though :- I use to always wear make-up when I say my boyfriend and only took my make-up off when my face didn't look that bad. Since two months we live together and I really don't like wearing make-up when I'm home so.. Kind of tricked him haha. It's just so hard sometimes, my friends at school and people I come to meet find me attractive (hope I'm not sounding too arrogant) and all I can think of is "you should see me without make-up". Can't wait to wake up in the morning and just go to school or work wearing nothing but mascara and clothes of course. I just dread putting make-up on. The vichy is a keeper but I do prefer my mineral powder, hopefully I can use it when my face isn't dry anymore. I've looked up the Kiehls tinted moisturizer on the internet, we don't have that here in Europe. I could buy it online but you have to have a creditcard. What is it with creditcards in the US? I went there last year and saw people even buy ice creams on their creditcard!? Well we're going to get rid of the acne!! We WILL wake up in a few months with gorgeous skin!! Thanks again for your lovely words. Take care XO karen

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