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44th day of accutane



well today is my 44th day on accutane and there really isnt much i can say just my acne is kind of going down but im scaring so bad that it looks just as bad i guess thats about it but i still feel pretty shitty

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I'm so sorry you're in such pain... I've felt down myself too from my IB. What I always do is find accutane blogs from users that are allready finished with their course, just to read how perfect their skin now is and how their self-esteem has come back. My derm told me that the red spots will fade during your last few months. It's good to hear you told some of your friends they can give you the support you need and cheer you up. Don't get depressed, in a month or two your skin won't feel painful and your skin will be just perfect!!! Keep your hopes up and take care. XO karen

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