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Week Four: Day Twenty-Seven



Wow! My lucky day! I didn't even notice this! I guess it was lucky,..I did real good in running and got free m&ms and dried mangoes during spanish class =3. Also I'm learning about the religion Jehovah's witness. A good friend of mine is this religion and I was talking about death and how bleak it was (I don't remember why, we were playing softball >. <) and we got on the subject of god and she offered to teach me about this :(. I heard children of this religion were sort of brainwashed to teach other people,..but we have been friends for a while and acquaintances for longer so I know she's not like conning me into anything. So its safe as long as I do my flippin' homework before reading this book thingy because its interesting. Ummmm,....oh yeah and I'm noticing the significant improvement in my skin. Maybe it was because I had kust run but it looks real good (I do have a new white-head but I'm ok with that because I do touch my face more then I should so its to be expected).

And the scarring is still smoothing a bit :(

mwahaha I'm beating my friend who's taking accutane to clear skin > : ) XDD

I can't wait until I have a good clear skin photo, then I'm posting it in my old 'debating accutane' forum. Or I'll go to my dermatologist while they're still under the premonition I'm struggling with acne, get in there and my doctor be like "WWHHaaa? YOU want to be on accutane! Girl you're nuts! You're skin's perfect!" XDD

Yes I dream big >w<