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Day 23 Claravis 40 mg



Sooo my skin hasn't exactly cleared per say...but its more so smoothed out over the past three weeks. I still am actively getting acne. I don't think it is quite as bad as before I started though and it seems to clear up prett quickly. So even though some of the cysts and spots look big and scary, they are gone within a few days.

My boyfriend mentioned that he thought my skin looked like it was getting better and then of course within a day or two I had two huge cysts on my forehead (where I never break out) and a nice one right on my cheek. I desperately tried to pin my hair to look like bangs to cover the forehead break out to no avail, it looked ridiculous! So...thankfully the forehead is slowl but surely clearing up the few spots I had on my cheeks have cleared except for the huge one on my right cheek. So really there is one little spot near the corner of my mouth and the cyst on my cheek that are bothering me. I could be breaking out a bit more because my period started today...but probably not. I have my appointment for my second month on Thursday morning! Bloodwork tommorrow bleh! Hopefullly the bloodwork comes out ok seeing as I have indulged in more than a few alcoholic beverages since beginning my course.

I am a little nervous for my derm to up the dose of claravis! I cant imagine going through another massive blow out all over my face again! But we shall see.

As far as sideaffects: I do notice dry lips! but aquaphor works miracles. Dry eyes but only when looking at my laptop screen for a long amount of time or watching t.v. My scalp is a little dry and itchy, but my hair isnt getting oily after not washing it for I think 4 days now! I def am goign to wash it tmrw as it is just gross not to, but still, kinda cool! I got a lovely nose bleed last night...strange!

I found a new cleanser I love my derm gave me a sample of it its a hydrating cleanser by cerave...so much better than cetaphil for me I love it! I'm using DML Forte cream which I also received as a sample from my derm its so great, I only use it at night tho cuz it has no spf. During the day I use Eucerin SPF 30 moisturizer and love it.

Anywhoo, will update after my appointments at the end of this week.

Happy Valentines Day to all and SIngles Awareness to those without significant others! :(


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