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All clear...let's keep it up!



Happy Monday to you all! I'm afraid my Monday wasn't very happy, but I do hope yours was just smashing. :( Somewhere between having to get my flat tire replaced, feeling the symptoms of an oncoming sickness (sinus infection maybe?) and realizing how behind I was at work from missing Friday made the start of this week not too promising. However, on the bright side, I hear we are in for a little bit of a snowstorm for the next two days so maybe we'll have a Level 3 and I won't have to go in to work! If said Level 3 occurs, I'm sure I could find it in my heart to forget about this miserable day...But on to happier things...

...like my clear skin! Yes, it's true. I made it through this past weekend with nary a pimple. I have NO new breakouts to speak of, and if it weren't for my dratted post-acne marks and scars, I would be home free. I'm hoping this trend is here to stay, because then I'll be free to finally focus on using things like microdermabrasion to get my skin back to its pre-pubescent state (well, almost). I did a bit of researching and I think I'm going to invest in the Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion set. From what I hear, it's got great results for a home microdermabrasion kit and isn't too rough on the skin. Now I just need to wait a couple of paychecks so I can recoup from the ridiculous amount of money I spent on my Bobbi Brown foundation and purchase this system. And, of course, I'll let you know how it works on my skin.

I also wanted to let y'all know that I have been tinkering around with the Regimen a bit. I went back to using my astringent (I felt that my skin just wasn't getting clean enough with my cleanser alone) and haven't been using the Cetaphil twice a day each day. My skin really hasn't been suffering from dryness so I've started to use it only in the morning ( unless my skin is feeling unusually tight at night). Nothing too major, but I wanted to keep my records accurate in case anyone may be using the same products I am. I also used my mask and a Biore strip over the weekend (of course!) and since I'm almost out of my Booth's mask, I'm going to be looking around for a new product to try. (Can you tell I'm a product junkie? Always have to try something different...) The Booth's mask works fine but it's not anything super-special so I'll keep on sampling different things.

I should be back with another entry later this week. Stay warm!



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