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Day 1...kind of



hello, my name is alexandra and i didnt get acne until i was 17 :( and then my face exploded!!! But im on yasmin pill and seems to have put an end to cysts! So now i have little red spots on my cheeks and chin and as soon as i get rid of them all more pop up! Now i wouldnt mind but my skin is so crap anyway..i have huge pores on my cheeks and soooo many blackheads on my nose!!!

So, ive tried the regimen before like 4 times but i never kept a blog n jus fell behind with it eveytime. So now im keeping a blog of this so i HAVE to keep up!

I live in the UK so its gonna cost like $60 to get the acne.org stuff so im using:

The body shop tea tree facial wash

Panoxyl 5 CREAM (not gel it will kill your skin)

The body shop tea tree moisture lotion.

Day 1: i have:

3 pimples on my right cheek

4 on my left cheek

1 on my chin!

Here goes nothing!

Will post everyday

Alex xx