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Day 18 IB at its end?

Karen L.


- Accutane day 18th on 20 mg.

- My IB is at its end (I hope); no new ones, 3 cysts from 2 days ago.

- No real side effects apart from dry lips, very manageable with good old vaseline.

Maybe wishful thinking, but I think my IB is at its end. I woke up today with no new ones, just 3 cysts that are actually shrinking fast. Last Saturday I was so discouraged that I didn't want to leave my parent's house and just stayed there, as well as Sunday. However today I felt I had to get some fresh air and do some groceries.

Before I went on accutane I could cover my face and hide my marks with mineral powder (I had no cysts at that time). Now on accutane I really need some foundation!! My dry skin is even more highlighted with powder :( So, I went to the local pharmacy to get some good information about which foundation I should use while taking accutane.

They were so helpful and nice; they gave me a few samples of moisturizing crèmes that helps wonders and they recommended that when I put make-up on it should be Vichy NormaTeint. It’s a non-comedogeen and is hypo-allergenic. It’s the anti-imperfection foundation, tomorrow I'm going to try it on my neck first, just to be sure I don't worsen my face.