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Day 24



Wow, almost a whole month down! Things are steadily continuing to get better, thank goodness! The cysts on the left side of my face have calmed down significantly (I caved and did a little, ahem, extracting which i KNOW is horrible, but that + neosporin really REALLy helped them go down, and now it looks less like I have a growth on my face. Plus they are drying up and shrinking everyday) Also, I haven't had any new cystic breakouts in about two weeks, its amazing. My skin is definitely a lot smoother aaaaaand I have like, zero oil, which is weird because I used to be OUT OF CONTROL oily.

The Miss West Chester University pageant was held regardless of the fact that we had over a foot of snow outside! While everything else got cancelled, the show went on! I am happy to say we crowned another fabulous girl to represent the campus. It was funny, I was part of the makeup crew for the show (in addition to running the projector, handing out awards, being the directors personal assistand, and dealing with the girl's emotional crisis' hahaha) and I actually did the girl who won's makeup, and while I was doing it we were talking about skincare, and I mentioned how I was on accutane. Turns out she had also struggled with acne (she has nice clear skin now, but you could tell up close that she had a few scars) but luckily antibiotics had taken care of it for her. Its crazy how many people actually struggle with their skin, but when its you, you think you are the only one! Don't get me wrong, I had plenty of skin-envy while doing makeup for some of the girls, but it was a great experience. Oh, and I also may have a job in makeup artistry lined up for the future, the artist I worked with LOVED my work (not gonna lie, the women looked HOT!)

Anyway, thats all for now. I slept in soooooooo much today and it felt amazing! Trying to shake the mental 'tane fog...y'all know what I mean! Oh, also going to start hitting the gym, I;ve heard that exercise helps the whole achy back/joints thing...has it helped anyone else??? Alright, all for now!


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Great to hear about your skin clearing! What is the "fog" you are referring to? I have been experiencing some memory issues, I just chalked it up to my age and fatigue. I hope it gets better.

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