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Today felt so good that I have to write about it-though I am certain it will not last. The predisone did a number on my face and made it beautifully clear! The redness is G.O.N.E. I still have a small area on the left of my chin. I wore very little make-up this morning to church and it felt SO good. I know that it will all come back after I stop the prednisone but just for a day it felt great. On the down side, my hair is falling out like gangbusters. If this continues, I will be bald and I am not kidding! So, I have decided that I will stay on the Accutane at the lower dose (40mg every other day) for two weeks, if my hair loss continues, I will have no choice but to stop. If you have any encouragement about hair loss/regrowth, I'd appreciate it!