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Week Four: Day Twenty-Six



So apparently I'm not going to be one of those people who's cleared within a month :(. Oh well. My breakouts on my face have stopped at least, but I've been breaking out way more everywhere else. My chest used to be clear, now its not and I have two zits right next to each other so it looks like they kind of combined into a big nodule unless you look up close. Eeeww. I also have a zit right behind my ear. Its under the flap so nobody can see it but its painful and has been there for a long time. Also got a zit on my knee. I might of said that already. I usually don't get any down there. But now the only spots I have that are naturally clear are my neck, most of my calves, my buttocks, lower back. lower arms, ankles, feet, and my hands.. My neck and calves get pimples every now and then but nothing bad. There are also a few moles, but they're practically smooth. I like it ;). I really don't want to have to pay over 100 bucks every two months for zit treatment to keep my whole body clear and spend an hour or two on personal hygiene every day,..but I might later this summer. If I don't get into Interlochen for the summer I'm going to run a hecka lot too in the mornings. And swim lots. Haha. I can see it now:

Run Six miles


Eat food

Lap swim for an hour and a half

Eat More food



Do it all again

Then I'll get to school and wear tanktops with hella confidence. :(

Its not that I really want to show off my body,..well actually it is,..

but also I'd like to avoid the sweat spots I always get if I wear a T-shirt >.<

Oh yeah and an update on the running:

Today I ran three miles in thirty-two minutes,

it used to take my thirty minutes to run two miles.

I feel accomplished ;)


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