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Day 3 - I'm too neurotic!



Well it's day 3 and I'm just checking in. As expected, not much to report. I was breaking out quite a bit the last couple of days prior to starting the pills, this seems to be controlled at this point (knock on wood). My face and lips were dry prior to starting accutane so I'm just waiting for my face to flake off. So far, so good. I need to go out and get a good lip moisturizer before my lips start to crack.

I decided last minute to go away with friends next weekend, so I'm just hoping my acne doesn't worsen and I don't have to feel self-conscious the whole time. From what I've read, it may get worse before it gets better.

I'm such a neurotic person and I really need to stop obsessing about my face and accutane side effects and just relax. I feel like I am going to will every side effect on myself. I have read an enourmous amount of material on accutane and many other people's experiences. At this point, I believe all this information is just stressing me out. I am overanalyzing my acne and any fleeting feeling I have in my body. Interestingly, most of the medical literature I've read makes accutane seem not nearly as bad as it is often portrayed by individual people. I read that only 1/5 find their condition gets worse before it gets better and that many of the side effects you read about are in fact quite rare. I also had a good friend who had a very positive experience with accutane and called it a miracle drug. Her skin is beautiful and I'm so jealous!

So, I am going to focus on the positive at this point. I am on accutane and I'm likely going to be on it for a few months. I might as well have a positive attitude and hopefully this will help me deal with some of the inevitable side effects.

I'm going to stop obsessing about my face and how it looks all the time.

I'm going to stop reading negative things about accutane.

I'm not going to let any side effects or breakouts get me down, I'll take them in stride as part of the process.

Well I'm going to go and enjoy this beautiful day, bye for now! :(

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Good luck to you! It seems that we began taking it in the same period, I'm on day 4 now... I really identify with the things you wrote, because I get a little obssesed with accutane and it's side affects too so I freak out a little bit and check my face a lot :)Hope we both won't have the initial breakout and finish the treatment with a clear and healthy skin :-

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