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Day 104



Am I the only person this far along into treatment with no improvement? WTF?!? I'm at the point where I don't even care anymore. I am still having daily breakouts. I currently have about 5 sposts that are drying up and 4 new ones. I have noticed all the new ones are infected milia. The problem is that some are in clusters so when they get inflamed it looks like a cyst. The scarring and flaky skin is ridiculous. If I don't see some kind of improvement by the end of this month I am not going to continue with it. What's the point.

I saw an Endocrinologist on the request of my Derm and low and behold he wrote me a script for Spironolactone. He thinks the bio identical hormones is what's screwing everything up right now but he thinks I can benefit from an androgen blocker. So the plan is to do labs to make sure my testosterone levels are decreasing and then start the Spiro. Now if the levels don't decrease or increase then I have to undergo extensive tests to figure out where the excess is coming from before I can start the Spiro. You know I just want to strangle my derm because I asked him to put me on Spiro but he insisted on Accutane. I remember a while back I was on Yaz and my skin was flawless. Yaz has a component in it that is equivalent to 25mg of spiro. I had to discontinue the Yaz due to horrible side effects and that's when all hell broke loose on my face. First it started with occasional breakouts. Nothing horrible but more than what I was used to and then turned into severe cysts which I am still battling.

The Dr prescribed 25mg twice a day of the Spiro but wants me to wait till the labs come back to make sure the testosterone levels are going down but I don't care I'm going to start now. I'm sick of waiting. As for side effects, I still have dry lips, flaking skin, some itching on my face, still some gum tenderness, and crazy joint pain. I just hope all of it goes away once I'm done with my course. I've been applying chapstick like crazy, I ice my face every day- it helps keep the swelling down on all the bumps and eases some of the itching and as for the joint pain I'm just dealing with it. I'm still working out and looking damn good if I say so myself maybe its the testosterone. I have a lot of energy I haven't missed a day sometimes I run on the elliptical for an hour and a half and my arms are looking good more defined. I may not be able to control how my face looks so why not work on the body. Ok I'm gunna keep my fingers crossed that on my next blog I can say that I haven't broken out in...... I don't know, even one day without a breakout would be an improvement for me.


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