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Week Four: Day Twenty-Five



Man! Week Four's on its way out already! Weird. I guess it works like that since the week ends and begins on wednesdays for me since I started on a wednesday. Well anyways we got out of rehearsal early soo I have some free time before we play the concert tonight :(. I should of ran but its going to be dark in twenty minutes and idk if I want to risk it,..probably should though,..eerrr >.< I want to but it takes me so long sometimes,.

Might as well, I'll give it a shot

Anyways my face is doing splendid. It has a softer tone now,..the scars are fading a bit. Guess I'll be well on my way to clearness by the second month :(. I'm also going to try and get some AH+ stuff when I order the regimen again so I can have the scars fade even faster. ^.^

Man,..guess I'll go run now.

Bye guys!