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After a few days! Update



If anyone has been following my posts, (or has begun from my last entry)my skin has been battling me back and forth. I have been still sticking to my regimen . Since I have been taking the Herpanicine pills,,and I am starting to run low.. so i have been only taking between 2-4 a day ( when I can remember.. I have a busy schedule at school) and at least 3-4 colon cleanser pills a day as well.

I noticed that once your body gets used to taking 6 herpanicine pills, you can lower the dosage and it will still work the same. I have only been on these pills for at least almost 2 months now. When I lowered the dosage this week it still worked the same. which I am very happy with. :(


I don't like to talk about it much, however, I did mention it in my last entry. First off I need to talk about this because its highly important. When women are pms'n we sometimes break out really bad and it happened to me this week.. ( not as bad as in the past) but bad enough. My forehead I broke out with zits on my eyebrows and above them.

I also had broke out on my left side of my cheek ( the one that has been giving me the most problems lately. They were red for the past 2 days this week and I couldnt understand why. It look so bad like I was cut or something and the wound was trying to heal but it couldn't. ;) So that continued back and forth.

When I went outside this past week, face submitted to the brittle cold...the cold weather this week made my skin so dry and uneasy to work with as far as keeping it moisturized.

It's been a few days into my period and I would like to tell you the results:

Left Side of my cheek:Today I have 3 medium sized bumps. It looks like its healing pretty nicely. SO it looks like the the worst is over for right now.

Right Side: Has been good to me this whole time! only 2 zits were on that side. and existing bumps have been reducing quite a bit.

Other techniques:

To attack the dry skin I added on the use of avocado oil. to my regimen. I've been using it for 3 days now and it has helped tremendously.

I've reduced my usage of the treatment bottle ( dans benzoyl)... I have put it on once a day this week and that was due to the redness on my left side of the cheek. It also looked like my face was more sensitive while i was pms'n. Using this once a day helped kill the bacteria. ;)


I have been eating meals 3-4 times a day. I have been trying to choose healthier options. I live on a college campus so I have found my self going to the vegetarian and sandwich stations a lot.

If your wondering if i'm a vegetarian the answer is no. lol Vegetarian food is really good these days :(.

I also eat pizza.. i know its very greasy but to reduce the excess oil. (especially on pepperoni pizza, dab the pizza with a paper towel until the oil is soaked up in the paper.. this helps so a lot!

This is it! If any of you have any comments or other questions I'm not posting on here .. feel free to comment!



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