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Jojoba (and tea tree) omg!!!!



I have been using jojoba oil for about a week I think.... definately less than two weeks and every day I have seen an improvement where I have used it.

Before I was using 2 1/2 year old jojoba oil put in a dropper for bodyshop tea tree with the "dregs" still in it (15% before dilution). The day before yesterday I ran out of that so I started using the new stuff.

jojoba oil with 20% tea tree (approx... eye guesstimate)

now I have used tea tree at 15% with body shop before and it always had limited results... better for using "on the spot" to speed up the process and calm the spot down etc... never worked that well as a preventative measure. ;)

whatever I have been doing recently its working! I woke up this morning and stroked my skin and it feels almost clear, no pain, no tightness where spots will be forming etc..

i have a couple of spots and mostly just red marks which will fade.... my skin looks so much better... i actually went to my friends house with no makeup on. I said my skin was much better and she said she couldnt see much difference.. then I told her I had bare skin and she was really surprised, she thought I was wearing my mineral powder! :(

my chest and back are both also very improved. :(

I am going to carry on with this from now on, everywhere I use this stuff it makes a hug difference... especially when I leave it on overnight... I wake up and see and feel a huge change.


i will still carry on with keeping milk drinking to a minimum (outside the house for coffee)

and I still intend on reducing my refined carbs to improve my health.

watch this space! pics to come soon

nb: i'm still in antibiotics so the test will be when I come off of those... 6 months is up in april

will consider using BP for the initial breakout when I come off.

may stay on it for the summer so I can have clear skin on the beach... i think i deserve that much.


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