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Week Four: Day Twenty-four



I rehearsed practically ALLL DAAYY. My eyes were blurry,..cloudy. I think its from the moisturizer getting rubbed into my eyes. They were dry and teary all day. Also I was pretty flattered at some point,...heh heh. I gave my e-mail to someone last year who never emailed me, (I was kinda :\ but you know whatever) and they told me their pants got washed before they could email me and asked for it again :( (A whole year later at the same honorband!). It made me feel attractive! XD Its fun to have a buddy, even if there really isn't more than friend interest involved. Usually thats what I am, the buddy. Or the little sister. (not in a physique sense, I'm 5' 8) Maybe its because my skin's clearing up and thats why I've been getting more attention? Or maybe its a subtle change in my attitude since I feel clean with less bumps. I wish my body acne would clear up without me having to spent countless dollars on products though,..(I got a zit on my KNEE today. WTF?) my chest has been breaking out more than ever too. But oh well. I'm too lazy to do that, I never really show off cleavage or chest anyways. (I've seen what the sun did to my mom and aunt's cleavage/chest area, its like a walrus o.o) Maybe if I have more money I'll do that in the future though. And I didn't run today either. Didn't have time,..well I guess I did but whats the fun of honorband without the traditional hang-out-with-friends-act-like-you're-on-drugs-when-you're-really-not-and-eat-cheap fast/crap-food tradition?? Its only one weekend and technically track hasn't really started yet (just pre-season) so its not THAT bad,..just makes it more painful for me next monday x.x


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