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DAY 23



My face is less red, dryness gone down also. Ive been using Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion with natural colloidal oatmeal for chop stick ive been using carmex with 15 spf strawberry flavor. My skin is actually been looking decent i must say. But we all know how accutane is. It's like a roller coaster always up and down. Tonight im use a clinque toner to remove some dead skin thats still there and sleep with the aveeno on.

Side effects : a little bit of blood in my nose when i wake up in the morning but nothing during the day. My gum is also bleeding T.T but im not sure if its from the accutane if i recall i think my gum was bleeding before i was on accutane. I thought i was brushing my teeth to hard. iono maybe its time to see the dentist lol. For two days now it was kindof hard to fall asleep. But atleast the accutane seems to be working.