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DAY 1 - Let's get it started!



Here's my little diary of my accutane journey because I am a little freaked out and feel the need to write it all down.

I'm a 25 year old female, always had mild acne but got significantly worse just this past year. Located pretty much only on my lower face/chin/jawline. Really leaving alot of hyperpigmentation after each break out. Tried all the topicals as well as Diane 35 OCP and doxycycline to no avail. It's really affecting my self esteem and I'm pretty obsessed with getting rid of it.

Prescribed Accutane (Claris), was gonna wait to start taking it as I'm going to Miami next weekend, but I just broke out again and got impatient and wanted to get started. I'm in a couple of weddings this summer and would love my skin to be clear by then. My doc started me on 20 mg twice daily for the first 30 days, so 40 mg/day total.

I literally just took my first couple pills a few hours ago so obviously there is no change yet whatsoever!!