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Sunny days are here again!



Since things are starting to calm down on my face (hallelujah!), I don't think I'll be doing daily entries anymore. While I've grown quite fond of blogging, I'm afraid I just don't have enough to report on to warrant an entry a day. Sooo...instead of writing 7 entries a week, it'll probably be closer to 3 or 4 (or less if things are going really well). But don't worry! If you've been faithfully following this blog, I will definitely keep it updated and as helpful and interesting as possible.

Face Update: I'm feeling optimistic about my skin once again! The bump on my jaw is gone (seriously, flat as a pancake with only a light red mark) and the little pimple that was trying to sprout on the front of my right cheek yesterday was successfully squelched by a heavy smothering of BP. I think the BP might also be helping to fade some of my old post-acne marks. I've noticed since I've started using it that they seem to be gradually lightening. If this keeps up, I won't need to invest in yet another potion or piece of machinery to lighten them. (Yay for money saved!) I have gone back to applying the BP twice a day with only a slight change. At night, I'll cover my entire lower face with it, paying special attention to any breakouts. In the morning I apply the BP only to areas with "active" pimples. And of course I've been applying the Cetaphil each time after I apply the BP. I'm really lovin' the Cetaphil and once I'm done with the Neutrogena face wash I have, I think I'm going to replace it with the Cetaphil cleanser.

Alrighty, everyone, that's all I've got. So have a fantastic weekend and I'll check in next week!



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