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what ive discovered



So far so good with the new way of eating. I am really seeing results..... the redness & scars are still visible but I am hoping in time they will go away. Since I have started this new way of eating my pimple count has been 1 and my boil/cyst count has been 0......this is unreal. I have never had these results before.

I dont know if any of you have seen this on the news or heard about this....(and yes I have a point to the following) but the new "trend" for teenagers is to put shots of alcohol in their anus instead of ingesting it, they do this because they can instantly feel the effects of alcohol and get drunk faster.... my point with this is.... if the alcohol gets absorbed in the bloodstream faster in the anus than in the stomach it would be no different for the bloodstream to absorb anything that is in that part of your body fast and have it travel through your bloodstream and,.... well your whole body then. With this thought it has become apparent that being "regular" is very important.... because otherwise the feces or poison really... goes throughout the entire bloodstream and body.... GROSS!!! So in this new way of eating... quite honestly TMI i know... but I have become regular because of all of the fruit and veggies that I have been eating.... maybe this is just another reason why I have noticed an improvement in my skin. Just a thought that I thought I'd share. Nasty topic I know... but it just might help other people too.


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