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1 month update



Well, its time for an entry. I came back from PA so exhausted and had so much to do to catch. On top of that my mother-in-law was here visiting another week...

I made it to the one-month mark. I have had no excessive dryness and my lips are not even remotely chapped. Though I use Aquaphor many times a day to prevent it. My face looks more smooth than it has in years! Except where I have active/healing cysts, of course. My husband mentions to me often that he cannot believe how smooth my face is. I had a few days of muscle aches and joint pain but that went away too. The only complaint, other than the cysts that I have, is the hair loss, which is proving to be substanial.

I ventured to the dermatologist's office sans make-up yesterday. It was a bold move on my part but I felt he needed to see it bare. He did and perscribed prednisone for the inflammation. 40mg everyday for a week and 20mg for the next week. The reduction in inflammation overnight has been substanial. He also reduced my Accutane from 40 everyday to 40 every other day (which has made a big pharmaceutical nightmare...still working on that.). The doctor also did a test where he pulled at my hair VERY hard in several places and said that test was negative. My understanding is that they do not want to be able to pull out 20 hairs at a time.

I should also note that my hair has been getting dry. I only wash it 2 times a week now (oh does that sound gross!). I also use a very heavy 3 minute condtioner. I also apply a leave- in condtioner several times a day and apply liberally at night and sleep in a shower cap. Oh, have my boys had a heyday with that. They either call me "the doctor" or "the deli-woman." LOL

I am already on a diuretic due to some high blood pressure issues I've had following preeclampsia with my son. So we are looking to change the med I am now to Aldactone (spiro) to also help combat the acne and hair loss.

So, that's all for now.


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