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Period update and new spf mosturizer



So i havent been on here for awhile. Well i have been upset. I had my period last week and it just finished this past tuesday and my face blew up into a bunch of pimples. I got them on cheek forehead nose and chin and neck. The forehead pimples have already disappeared. The ones on the cheek were big and are slowly going away but they are. And my nose pimples wont seem to go away still. I have been having problems with the nose for awhile and i never had pimples on my nose. Iam thinking about not using bp there bc it may be irritating.

I have been on the regimen for three months now and i don't understand why i still breakout horribly on my period. Should i take vitamin supplements? I was thinking of taking fish oil and the other ones that dan uses.

I have stopped with the AHA constant usage. Iam cutting back to only twice a week. I have already used it twice this week so that is it for me

I also wanted to let you know about my mosturizer i just got. Since i ran out of my walgreens zinc oxide spf cream and they wont be selling it till the sping season, I decided to go and get the Walmart brand of Olay.

I have to say i really like it. I bought the Equate sensitive one. I really recommend using it after 15 mins prior to putting on BP. I waited only 10 and it clumped up. I would suggest mixing with jojoba oil. And applying very small amounts at a time b/c of the clump and b/c it goes on very white. This was ok for me b/c my face has been a little red. But it mosturized my skin very nicely and did the job i needed it to do.


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