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Day 14



Hi, My name is Lola and I started Accutane 2 weeks ago. I am 24 years old and have had mild acne for 10 years that has not responded to anything else. It has gotten particularly worse in the last few years. My main problem is hundreds of white bumpy small cysts on my chin that never come to a head and never disappear. My doctor said this with dry up under the skin and therefore not come out as a breakout which I hope to be true.

So update of the last two weeks:

First Week:

Dosage: 30mg

Acne: Several small red cysts on forehead and cheeks. Several blackheads around hairline/ears. Hundreds of white cysts on chin.

Symptoms: None

Second Week:

Dosage: 30 mg

Acne: Red cysts on forehead/cheeks no longer red and starting to disappear. Blackheads no longer popable, Chin still the same.

Symptoms: Lips starting to dry, Start to feel texture on nose from blackheads....start to see texture on forehead like it will start getting dry but not quite yet...headaches, more tired, dry scalp. Starting to have tired eyes at night but not blurry or dry.

So I'm just starting to use my face moisturizer. Its a tiny tiny bottle for really expensive prescribed by my doctor so I didn't want to start using it til it was needed.

Notice that the little zits that come are gone by the next morning.