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Differentiating between hormonal acne and genetic acne due to oily skin (for females)



I see a lot of confusion here about these 2 types of acne, so I am writing this post. I would say I have the classic genetic acne due to oily skin. My father also has oily skin and had acne till about his mid-20's. After that, he didn't get acne and that is probably b/c his pores are gigantic so acne couldn't form. I had read about birth control pills reducing acne, so I tried that for a couple of months when I was 26. I took Yasmine which was supposed to reduce acne, and lo and behold I got those enormous "hormonal" cysts on my chin and between my eyebrows! I had never ever gotten even a pimple before between my eyebrows. So I started reading about it, and I realized what I had was hormonal acne. The yasmine was messing up my hormones and was giving me hormonal acne in addition to my original genetic acne. So I stopped it after a couple of months but I continued to get the cysts for another 3 months. But the chin cysts finally went away after that. During that time in addition to the cysts, I also had these hard sebum plugs on my chin, which I had never experienced before. Yes, I am oily, but my sebum was never that hard that you could actually extract and see it.

For those with genetic acne, I would say don't go for BCP's and mess up your hormones even more. I have normal, regular periods and I should realized BCP's is not going to help my acne. Benzamycin and retin A do a much better job for me.


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