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A Beginning Entry for a Beginning Regimen



Currently Listening to: "A Pretty Little War" -Rudolf: The Last Kiss

Movie: Macbeth

Hello everyone. :(

How are you today? I hope your day was better than mine. :/

Despite the fact that my skin is actually feeling Ok for now (a few painful breakouts now and then) and my body acne is clearing up well...today wasn't so good. :( Forgetting an assignment at home that you're actually proud of and forgetting your house key at home really sucks. Not to mention those people who just bring you down. >.<

Sorry if it feels like I'm not very open about my acne...I'm not used to talking about it with other people who understand as much as you guys just yet... I'll get there. ;)

The Minocycline I take tonight will be my fifth. Yay! And the Retin-A should come anytime now. ;):(

Music && TKD

Music is going fine...Choir's just dandy. We started a new acapella song (Which means without background sound) which has difficult notes to figure out for the alto part. It'll take a while for our Choir to get it, but I know we have the ability too.

TKD is going ok. I'm sore from gym class (which seems to be apparent whenever I answer the question "what's wrong?") so I can't go to TKD tonight (because my gym teacher thinks it's a good idea to have us sprint without warming us up properly.) And I have a shin splint for the first time in ever.


Anyway...thanks for reading!! Have a good day/evening!!!


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