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Day 107 just finished week 15 yesterday!

Stress Head


I haved been on this for a while been busy with work.

My personal life has settled down a bit now.. im coping REALLY well at the moment. my skin is looking so so so so soooo much better when i loomk at pictures from over 15 weeks ago i look awful and oily and greesy and waxy but now my face is really soft looking and i have been told i look peechy!!! what ever that means... but dont get mewrongi do have some nasty red/purple scars on my cheeks where i had that massive clusterof spots a few weeks ago... they left scars but what i dont understand id i didnt do anything to them and they scared i though you only scared if you picked at the spots... i hope these scars go away after a whilr.... id hate to have got rid of the spots only to have to deal with the scars... can anyone halp on this front???

did anyone experience the same thing and what did you do... NEEDADVICE.

i didnt get any new breakouts for weeks but the other day i got two massive spots on my forehead... its always my forehead... but they seem to be drying out now...

i only have three weeks left...

i have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to get my bloods done to see if everything is ok with the whole weight loss thing... my derm didnt ask me to come back for a blood test so i thought insted of driving all they way to the derm hospital which is in another town id just see my GP...

i will take the results to my derm appointment on 23rd FEB...

i wish the derm gives me a few more weeks because on 23rd feb i will have been on tane for 18 weeks which isnteven 5 months so i wich she gives me longer.... how does itwork are you only allowed acertain amount depending on your weight?

i just dont feel ready to come off them just yet.

any way i have to say its been quite an ok jurney so far.. not major issues.. just nose bleeds and dry nose inside ALL the time but i just put up with it. head aches at first but they soon went. more recently i have been feeling really tired and my bones have been aching. especially my lower back some days i cant even sit properly but again i am bareing with it i dont want the derm to reduce my dose or take me off it all together.

im just thinking it is all for a good course... i will get rid of my acne i nearly have and then i will deal with the scars and then my side effects will slowly reduce... (this is what i have read!!!)

anyway... must go now...

take care guys...

x x x :(


Hi Stress Head!Good to hear from you again! I can't believe you'll be off it so sooooonn!! Are you excited??!?!?!?!Unfortunately I can't give you advice about the scarring et al....as I am still my normal self....about to end my 5th month now :) From what I've been reading, there have been mix results - with some people's scarring fading and some people's scars that stay and they've had to have separate treatment for them 1 year after the Roac....Dunno really...should ask your Derm (if your Derm isn't as stupid as mine's).Anyways - good to hear from you again and I'm glad your life is 'settling'.Take care :-*

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thanks hun...have you been on accutane for 5 months i have been on it for less...i wold love to be on it for a bit longer because i still feel like i will get some break outs around my mouth(bottom lip area) i can feel some pain and lumps where i feel some spots may appear in a few days...im really acared that once i am off it imight start to break out like i did before... then what will i do!!!??? 9im so worried...in total l will have been on it for 18 weeks....... not long really 4 months and two weeks!!! not long really...bhow long will you be on it for? and what dose are you on?

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