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day 8



Hellooo side effects.

This stuff is pretty intense.

My skin is very dry, which I expected. My lips are dry as well, but not as bad as I was anticipating.

Last night I had a CRAZZZYYYY nightmare. My biggest fear is that this stuff is going to make me psycho lol. Anyone else have crazy dreams on accutane?

Also, after I woke up I got a nosebleed. So as I'm staring myself in the mirror, shoving tissues up my nose, imagining my life for the remainder of the next 5 months consisting of nosebleeds all the time and possibly losing my mind, I'm beginning to think maybe I underestimated this stuff.

So here it is now...me vs. Amnesteem.

Btw, I hate the packaging. I had to pry my pill out with a knife last night.